1st September 2014


Ugh, iTunes won’t let me play like 250 songs because I cannot verify my computer for the email because I used it last like 7 years ago and it doesn’t exist anymore and my security question is the worst. So now I think I may just wrote them all down and look for them on soundcloud or something because hell no am I spending another $250 on songs I’ve already paid for.

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30th August 2014

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i hope this hasn’t been done yet


i hope this hasn’t been done yet

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29th August 2014

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shots fired too strong

Or she could just want to look pretty for herself and not care what guys think.




shots fired too strong

Or she could just want to look pretty for herself and not care what guys think.

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28th August 2014

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steve rogers + cards against humanity (insp.)

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25th August 2014

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Rules: Just insert your answers to the questions below.

Name: Natalie…it has too many vowels :P

Nickname: Talie, Doe

Birthday: 8-15-89. 90s kid all the way.

Gender: Cis-Female. I’m boring.

Sexuality: Hetero. See, I told you :P

Height: 5’6-ish. I can’t remember the last time I was measured, haha

Time Zone: PST

What time and date is it there: 8/25/2014, 10:41 PM

Average hours of sleep I get each night: 8-9. My cats wake me up and I usually go back to sleep after feeding them.

The last thing I Googled was:  “how to mention people in Tumblr posts” :P I didn’t know that was a thing until I was tagged.

My most used phrase(s): “Aaah, I fucked up. I’m trash.” and “Y’all need Jesus.” Both somewhat ironically, mostly because I don’t believe I’m trash (all the time) and Y’all need Jesus is more my shorthand for You’re bothering me and you need to stop.

First word that comes to mind: hope

What I last said to a family member: probably “What are you doing?” or something - my husband was playing Fallout New Vegas.

One place that makes me happy: My old room back in Pittsburgh. Right now, someone else is living there though :P

How many blankets I sleep under: 1. Although, we have like 4 blankets around the house and keep it cold because I love blankets.

Favourite beverage(s):  Dr. Pepper.

The last movie I watched in the cinema: Guardians of the Galaxy. It was a pretty standard superhero movie.

Three things I can’t live without: iPod, Cellphone, Wallet (those are the 3 things I check for when I leave the house anyway :P )

Something I plan on learning: How to oil paint again. Not sure if that counts since I’ve already technically learned it, but I’m out of practice.

A piece of advice for all my followers: TREAT YO’ SELF. But, no, seriously, if you’re having a bad day/week/month/year, do some self care. Take a bath, listen to music, go for a walk, be a couch potato, whatever. Everyone needs a day off once in a while.

You all have to listen to this song:  Bad Girls by MIA. I know it was all over the radio last year, but watch the music video, it’s great!

My blog(s):  This one (obviously) and a blog for my photography business: www.nataliejphoto.com/blog

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24th August 2014

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Also I don’t see enough white feminists giving credit to Nicki Minaj beyond the interview of her doing her eyeliner.  Did you guys forget that she recognized and IDed as cisgender, and recognized that vagina does not equal womanhood, when she called herself a “woman with vagina.”  And that asshole talk show host laughed and said “as opposed to a women without one?” and she gave him a the meanest look and said “yes.” 

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23rd August 2014


I think my favorite thing about Cosmos: a Spacetime Odyssey is Neil DeGrasse Tyson talking about minority groups doing science things and looking you dead in the face while he says, “You’ve probably never heard of them. I WONDER WHY.”

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22nd August 2014

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Ferguson’s public library welcomes students and teachers this week, while schools are still closed. 

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19th August 2014

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I love video games. I love video games a lot.

I am terrible at video games.

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19th August 2014

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This. Literally the first thing you learn when you begin to handle a gun is to only point the gun at something you are willing to shoot.


who is this guy I need to get on this

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