16th April 2014

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ϟ The Magic Begins Challenge: A Scene You Really Wanted To Be In The Movies, But Wasn’t

Have a biscuit, Potter.

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16th April 2014


It’s The Baby Steps

Today I was going out for breakfast and I was feeling rather hungry, so I thought I’d get more food than I normally do because I wasn’t sure when I would be able to have lunch. Anyway, I caught me calling myself a fatty, but then I was like “You know what, fuck that, I’m not a fatty for wanting more food because I’m hungrier than normal.” And while I know it’s not a huge thing, it just shows how much I’ve internalized this feeling that I don’t deserve food because I’m obese (at least according to BMI, which is kind of a broken system, but that’s another conversation). And maybe now I can stop those shameful thoughts.

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14th April 2014

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14th April 2014

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I dunno, just laying face down on the couch and waiting for some baby boomers to die, I guess
— Millennials, when asked about plans for the future (via alwaysfaithfulterriblelizard)

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13th April 2014

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After seeing Winter Solider, I just want Sam, Natasha, and Steve to live in a house together and Sam is the mom of the group, making cookies while Natasha and Steve hatch plans to overthrow Hydra.

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7th April 2014

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Honestly it was a choice that Scarlett made as a character, and… her relationship with Hawkeye will become very clear in Avengers 2.
— The Russo Bros talking about Natasha’s arrow necklace on The Empire Podcast
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5th April 2014

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reblog this post and I’ll write your url in Sindarin Tengwar (a mode of the Elvish alphabet)

5th April 2014

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wine tastes so bad. I’m convinced the whole world is in on an inside joke together trying to persuade me that wine tastes good to them. there’s no way any one can like the taste of it. it’s like bug spray. the whole frickin world pretends to like bug spray. I don’t understand why. stop the madness

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2nd April 2014

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C  O  N  V  E  N  I  E  N  T  .

I know I’ve reblogged this before but it makes me laugh every single time.

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2nd April 2014

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